Frequently Ask Questions

General Questions

Normally, it takes between three to twelve months to sell a business. It depends on the size of the business, business condition, business domain and ofcourse the market condition.
All our discussions and data we keep it confidential. We screen the potential buyers, buyer enquiries and we get non-disclosures from them before we share the information. Incase of any doubt we also check with our seller to make sure that they are not peers to the business.
Normally the business purchase documentation is done by the buyer's lawyer. You need have your attorney to check those paperwork before you sign them.
We get non-disclosures signed by the potential buyers, and we also screen them as a preliminary process.
By default we keep it for 12 months.
We help the seller in finding out the valuation, and get the outstanding work if any before we do the listing. We also help in preparing business teaser, business sale memorandum on a request from the seller.